This How to Buy Condo #1003 (Step by Step) is provided by Walter W. Flood, REALTOR (R), and is NOT endorsed or
authorized by Atkinson Towers Inc., the Board of Directors and/or Associa Hawaii.
Date: August 15, 2015.

How to become the Owner of Atkinson Towers Condominium #1003

The Buyer is making an "ALL CASH" offer - skip to number 4.

The Buyer is making an offer based on FINANCING: VA, Portfolio, or Seller's Agreement of Sale. Continue.

1. The Buyer must talk to his Bank, or Mortgage Broker to find out if that Lender has Atkinson Towers on their "Approval List" for financing. Continue.

2. The Buyer must submit a "Pre-Qualified" letter from the Bank or the Mortgage Broker, prior to making an offer to purchase. Continue, or Skip to number 4.

3. If the Buyer wants to consider Seller's financing the Buyer has to submit documents to establish that Seller's financing will be approved by the Seller. Continue.

4. The Buyer doesn't want or need a parking stall - skip to number 7.

5. The Buyer does want or needs a parking stall. Continue.

6. Read the Atkinson Towers Parking Disclosure Statement with the Alternatives, and the current status of what may happen after the parking lot lease expires on Dec. 31, 2016.

If you are OK with the Alternatives continue with the process of making an offer to purchase.

7. The Buyer previews or inspects the condo unit, the building and the location.

8. The Buyer makes an offer at the Asking Price, or below, or above the Asking Price.

9. The Seller accepts, counters, or rejects the offer.

10. The Buyer accepts the counter-offer and agrees to the terms of the "As Is" Condition Addendum. .

11. Escrow is opened, with the closing time of 30-45 days from the acceptance date.

12. The Buyer orders a Home Inspection, agrees to the Report and removes the J-1.

13. The Buyer receives and accepts the Preliminary Title Report.

14. The Buyer receives and accepts the Condo docs, including the House Rules, Financials, Current Budget, Approved Minutes, Reserve Study, and the By-Laws.

15. The Buyer receives and accepts the Seller's Real Property Disclosure Statement.

16. The Buyer receives and accepts the Project Information Form RR105c.

17. The Buyer receives and accepts the "Termite Inspection Report".

18. The Buyer signs-off on the J-3 - Property Condition Maintenance and Final Walk through inspection.

19. If for any reason the Buyer does not accept, agree, or rejects any one or more of the conditions/terms from number 12. to 18. the Buyer can terminate this Purchase Contract pursuant to Paragraph O-2 or O-3 on Page 11 of 14 of the Purchase Contract.

20. The Seller delivers the keys, fobs and the Welcome to Atkinson Towers brochure.

Note: This "How to Buy" document was prepared/provided by Walter W. Flood, REALTOR (R) and NOT by Atkinson Towers, Inc.

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