Walt Flood
PO BOX 15871
Honolulu, HI 96830


Phone: 1 (800) 579-7268

Local Phone: (808) 221-1311
Check-out Procedures
  Our condos are rented with the understanding that you will leave the property neat and tidy as you found it when you checked in. To avoid additional fees for cleaning, please observe the following:
  • Check-out time is 11:00 am
  • Close all sliding doors and windows
  • Remove all trash from the kitchen and bathroom and dispose in the trash chutes located in the hallways.
  • Kitchens must be left clean! Please wipe counter surfaces before leaving.
  • Empty the coffee maker and dispose of coffee grinds
  • Clean all soiled dishes, glasses and silverware and place in cabinets
  • Remove and dispose of all perishables from the refrigerator
  • Dining tables and nightstands should be wiped clean
  • Carpeting should be left clean
  • Remove all personal belonging from closet and dresser drawers
  • Place all soiled towels in the bathtub
  • It is not necessary to strip bed linens or launder sheets and towels
  • Do not launder comforters or pillow shams as these items are dry-cleaned
  • Turn off TV, stereo, and all electronics
  • If furniture has been moved please relocate it to the position you found it in when you checked in
  • Air conditioners may be left on
  • Turn off all lights
  • Leave keys on the kitchen counter or desk
  • Make sure the door knob is locked when you leave and pull the door closed
Thank you very much for your cooperation and for choosing to stay with us!