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Aloha. We provide services and information on building permits, development projects, and planning activities for the City and County of Honolulu.


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Welcome to The Department of Planning & Permitting

We provide services and information on building permits, development projects, and planning activities for the City and County of Honolulu.

  • Online Services and Resources - This helpful page will provide you online resources to conduct business with us from calculating your permit cost to vital checklist to submit plans to our one-stop permit center.
  • Building Permit plan format checklist - Use this checklist to make sure your plans meet our Building Permit plan standards. Complying with this format checklist will ensure your plans are complete and ready for submittal.
  • Planning Reports - You will find one page with all the plans that were developed or soon to be published from the Planning Division.

  • What We Do - Want to know more about what we do?  We have summarized the information and provided phone numbers with a description of each division and branch.


DPP expands appointment system for Building Permit Applications

To provide better customer service, the Department of Planning and Permitting has expanded the online appointment system for Building Permit Applications at its downtown branch. Appointments will be given priority over walk-in applicants. To make an appointment, go to   Appointments are also be available at Kapolei. (Note: the IBP presented at the time of the appointment MUST match the IBP for which the appointment was created, otherwise the applicant will be asked to reschedule).



Public Notices

Public Notices are posted here. Please refer to the notices for details.
Latest Public Notices... read more ...
Revised Rules Related to Storm Drainage Standards effective June 1, 2013
The City will implement revised rules related to storm water drainage standards for Priority A and Priority B Projects to reduce the pollution associated with storm water runoff. 
Photovoltaic Permit Fees starting April 6, 2013
The City will begin collecting building permit fees for Photovoltaic (PV) solar electric power systems with applications received from April 6, 2013. 

Changing The Way We Do Business

There are two significant improvements in how the Department of Planning and Permitting will process certain permits. We are requiring One-Time Review for Interior Renovations and Site Development Plan Submittal Checklist. Both changes are designed to improve customer service by shortening processing times. These changes help our applicants submit complete plans that comply with regulations. Our staff can then spend more time in doing our job of processing and approving applications.

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