(2500 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu (Waikiki), HI 96815


SECURITY: No one can get into the building, unless they have a plastic security key.  If you have guests, they will have to call you from the intercom outside the lobby front door, for you to ring them into the building.  Preview the “guest(s)” by tuning your Television to channel #57.


            Don’t ever let anyone follow you into the building or into the elevator, unless you know him or her, or they have a security key.  Ask them to use THEIR security key to enter the building, and if they will not or they cannot, then do not get into the elevator with them. 


HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC:  Please turn off your lights and air conditioning when leaving the apartment, and don’t forget to watch your cooking/pot on the stove, such that the item won’t start a fire.  This is the most prevalent incidence of fire in the home, next to smoking.


TELEPHONE: Call Verizon Hawaii at 643-3456 to arrange for new service.


TELEVISION CABLE: Your apartment is hooked up with basic cable service (included in your rent).  If you want HBO and/or other movie channels, you will have to call Oceanic.


REGISTRATION:  All Tenants and Guests are required to register with the Resident Manager.  You will need to provide your phone number, and license plate number of your vehicle.


TRASH CHUTE:  There is a trash room, right across from your front door.  Place your trash in sacks and drop them down the chute.  NO large boxes which might cause a jam.  Take large items down to the dumpster for the building.


PARKING:  There is a parking stall “available”, at a monthly cost.  Do not park or allow your guests to park in any of the assigned stalls on the property. Guest parking is on the 3rd floor.  Have your service vehicle/trucks park in the space, street level, near to the entry door, if permission has been granted by the Resident Manager (923-6883).  Your car and/or your guest’s car will be towed away – at a significant expense.


WASHER/DRYER:  The washer/dryer is located in the bathroom.  No heavy or large loads and not too much soap (half a cup is enough).  Important to clean the dryer lint screen, every time you do a load.  And, remember to replace the water in the plastic container behind the appliance.


GARBAGE DISPOSAL:  It will cost you $75-$95 for a service call, so do not abuse the disposal by putting in any fibrous materials such as banana peels.  Continue to run cold water or a few seconds after you have turned the disposal OFF, to flush out the system.


BATHROOM:  Don’t put anything but toilet paper/tissue in the toilet.  Paper hand towels, dental floss and sanitary napkins will only plug up the lines – and you’ll have to pay for Clean n’ Rooter!  When coming in from the beach, be careful not to let sand go down the bathtub drain.  It will pack solid and create a clog.  Another service call, at upwards of $145.00.


SMOKING:  The Owner of this co-op apartment would prefer that tenants and their guests refrain from smoking inside the unit.  If you or your guests do smoke and there are any burns to the carpet, the furniture, the counter tops, etc., and/or smoke damage, you will be responsible for the cost of replacement/repairs and/or additional cleaning.  Extra cleaning for the carpets, bedspreads, furniture/upholstery and drapes could run as high as $250.00-$350.00.


Plus, upon inspection of the unit prior to check-out, if there is any smell of smoke residue in the apartment you will be required to pay for an expanded cleaning (walls, counters, doors, etc.) which could run upwards of $150.00 - $250.00.


DON’T FEED THE BIRDS:  If you or your neighbours feed the birds (pigeons) and you are away from your apartment for a “few” hours, with the sliding glass door is open to the Lanai and/or the sliding metal screens are open, there is a excellent chance that the pigeons will  “inhabit” on the lanai and/or will enter the apartment.  They will leave their poop, smell, bacteria, and/or diseases for you to clean up.  Please don’t feed the birds!


Here is some information from the “Net”:  Most infectious diseases commonly affecting doves and pigeons can be "managed" away.  Bacterial infections like Salmonella and E. coli are prevented by good loft hygiene and husbandry practices.  Trichomoniasis (Canker) and Coccidiosis are protozoal infections, which are also controlled through sanitation, disinfecting water vessels and occasionally with medications.  The biggest concern with dove and pigeon diseases is Psittacosis.  This unique bacterial infection is transmissible to humans.


Psit-ta-co-sis  (sit-kosis)n.  An infectious disease of parrots and related birds (pigeons) caused by the bacterium Chlamydia psittaci, which is communicable to human beings, in whom it produces high fever, severe headache, and symptoms similar to pneumonia.


Note:  There is a SMOKE DETECTOR in the apartment.  Plus, there is a building firewater hose, in the walkway, and the building FIRE ALARM is across from the elevators.


GENERAL:  Barbecuing, or open fire cooking on the Lanai is PROHIBITED.


PETS:  The Owner of this apartment does NOT allow pets – at any time, even to visit (Note: exception of Seeing-Eye Dogs).  Violation of this rule will mean immediate cancellation of your lease, forfeiture of all prepaid rents and security deposits.  Tenants will still be responsible for damage and/or cost of flea infestation treatment.


LOCKOUT:  We suggest you give a set of your apartment keys to a friend or neighbour living in the building, just in case you get locked out of your apartment.  The resident manager does NOT have a set of keys to your apartment, and the rental agent charges $45.00 for a “lock-out”.


EMERGENCY WATER SHUT-OFF:  If for any reason the water to the apartment needs to be shut off (i.e. hose to the washer breaks), the shut-off valve for the entire apartment is located under the _______________.  Please call the Resident Manager, and/or the owner  – immediately!


FINALLY:   If you have any questions, or need additional information, please call the Rental Agent: Walt Flood, Realtor (808-922-1659).

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