ADDENDUM TO RENTAL AGREEMENT DATED:_____________ (Tenant: ____________________)

PREMISES:Foster Tower. Apartment #1405, 2500 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815.

(studio, 1 bathroom, furnished, condo apartment).




1.   It is understood, acknowledged and agreed that Tenant(s) is/areresponsible and obligated to pay the rent and other charges until theexpiration of the lease.  In the eventthe lease is broken or terminated prior to the expiration, by abandonment orfor any other reason, tenant(s) continue to be financially liable for the rentand charges until the apartment has been re-leased/rented or until theexpiration, whichever happens first.


   1a. Additionally, Tenant(s) will be responsible for the cost ofadvertisingnecessary to locate another Tenant, and a breakage-of-lease penalty equal to50% of one month’s rent in additional to all other amounts due.


   Note:It is acknowledged and agreed that the Tenant will pay the last month’s rent,in full, before, or by the first (1st) day of the last month.  The Tenant understands that theSecurity/Damage/Inventory Deposit cannot be used for the last month’srent. 


In the event the last month’s rentis not received by the first (1st) day of the last month, the Tenant will be inbreach of the lease, and a “Five Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit” letter will bedelivered to the Tenant.  Consequently,the terms and conditions of Paragraph 1. and 1a. could be invoked.


2.  Tenant will restore premises to samecondition(including the walls) as when received and will be present for check-outcondition report and inventory inspection. All appliances to be in their original position.  Tenant agrees not to change/install lockswithout permission from the agent or owner.


3.  Tenant agrees to clean the apartment prior to vacating.  Tenant agrees tohave the carpets and floors professionally cleaned, each and every six (6)months and prior to vacating – at Tenant’s sole expense.  Tenant will have the apartment free of liveroaches and/or ants when vacating.


4.  Tenant is responsible for replacing burntout light bulbs, and replacing the smoke alarm battery.


5.  Tenant is aware that Pets, including dogsand/or cats, are NOT allowed at any time, even to visit.  Violation of this provision may result in the immediatecancellation of the Rental Agreement, forfeiture of the security deposit,invoking the terms and conditions of Paragraph 1. and 1a. and the Tenant willadditionally be required to pay for damages, flea infestation treatment and/orother charges. Note: There is an exception for guide dogs, signal dogs, orother animals depended upon by handicapped guest of occupants.  Read the House Rules for more information.


6.  Tenant agrees that if the apartment is onthe market “For Sale” or “For Rent” to allow the Agent and/or other real estate brokersto show the premises to prospective Buyers or Tenants and to hold an “OpenHouse” at various times.  It isunderstand that “showings” to new prospective Tenants will become more frequentas this Rental Agreement approaches its termination date.  Agent will make every reasonable effort tocall the Tenant prior to showing the apartment and give forty eight (48) hoursnotice.


7.  Tenant is aware that should his/her personalor business check does not clear the bank for payment, Tenant will be charged $25.00 servicefee.  Furthermore, if the rent is thenlate, the service charge, late fee(s) and rent must be paid in CASH or bycashiers check.


8.  Tenant may have occasional guests, butguests are NOT permitted to stay in the apartment for more than five (5) nights withoutprior permission from the Agent and it is understood that additional rent maybe charged for extended guest(s) visits.


9.  Tenant understands that this RentalAgreement is NOT assignable or assumable and the Tenant may NOT sub-leasethe premises without the prior written approval of the Agent.  Furthermore, if one of the Tenants wishes tobe replaced or substituted on the Rental Agreement there will be a non-refundable$100.00 service charge to run a credit check and prepare new rental leasedocuments on each prospective new Tenant.


10.  Tenant agrees to notify the Agent of anynecessary repairs, or malfunctioning of appliances, or any electrical or plumbingproblems as soon as possible.  It isunderstood that if any of the appliances (disposal, washer/dryer, etc.)plumbing or electrical problems are the result of the Tenant’s negligence orcarelessness or misuse, then the cost of repairs or replacement will be theresponsibility and liability of the Tenant. 


11.  Tenant understands that an initial ApartmentCondition Report has to be completed prior to taking occupancy of the unit, and uponvacating the unit.


12.  Tenant(s) agree to read and obey the AssociationHouse Rulesand Regulations.  If the Foster Tower’sResident Manager cites the Tenant(s) for violation(s) of the House Rules, itmay be grounds to terminate the Rental Agreement and invoke the terms andconditions of Paragraph 1. and 1a.


13.  Drug Clause:  Tenant(s)/Guests understandand acknowledge that the possession, use, sale or distribution of controlledsubstances (DRUGS), with the exception of medication for personal use under adoctor’s prescription, is a breach of this Rental Agreement (Lease) and groundsfor immediate termination of the occupancy, forfeiture of all deposits, prepaidrents and charges, and probable cause to invoke the terms and conditions ofParagraph 1.  and 1a.  Note: The Agent/Owner will cooperate with all city, state, and federalagencies.


14. Tenant isresponsible for insuring your own personal property (fire, theft, water damage, etc.)and providing liability coverage for your own negligence (Policy Type HO-4), asthe property Owner’s insurance does not cover the Tenants’ personal propertyand/or negligence.


            CONFLICT WITH OTHER LAWS:  If it is found that any part of thisAddendum or its terms and conditions conflict with Federal, State or Countylaws governing Landlord – Tenant relations, public health and safety, etc.,then those laws will take precedence. However, all parts of the Addendum, which are NOT in conflict, willstill be valid and enforceable.


Nameand Address of Rental Agent: Walt Flood Realty, 2092 Kuhio Ave., #1903,Honolulu, HI 96815-2134


Phone/Fax:(808) 922-1659; Mobile: 783-7684; E-mail:


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Revised: April 4,2002

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