Guide for Applicants for Atkinson Towers Rental Units


Atkinson Towers is a residential cooperative.  In order to qualify for a long-term lease, applicants have to complete the “Application for Residency”, execute the Rental Agreement (lease), read the House Rules, sign the Receipt of House Rules, and then be approved by the Atkinson Towers, Inc. Board of Directors.


This process may take from 2-5 days from the time the Rental Agent submits your “Application for Residency”, along with the Rental Agreement and Addenda. 


Applicants may not move into the apartment until this process has been completed and the Rental Agent has informed the applicants, has collected the first month’s rent, Security Deposit and other fees/charges.


In order to select the next resident for this apartment here are the steps:


1.     Prospects preview the apartment and the building, or if off-island, visit the website ( and have a friend who resides on Oahu preview the apartment and report back to the prospect.

2.     Applicants complete the “Application for Residency”, read the Rental Agreement Addendum, and read the Welcome to Atkinson Towers document.

3.     Applicants submit the “Application for Residency”, along with a deposit of $100.00 to the Rental Agent (refundable if application is NOT approved).

4.     Rental Agent will verify the information on the “Application for Residency” (employment, references, current and/or previous landlord).

5.     Rental Agent will prepare the Rental Agreement (lease), Addendum, along with the “Receipt of the House Rules” and submit the documents to the Board of Directors.

6.     If one or more of the Applicants are approved, the Rental Agent will select one of the Applicants, based on the date and time of the submission, and how early the applicant can move-into the apartment.

7.     Finally, the Rental Agent will have the new Tenants complete the “Registration Form”, collect the rent, security deposit and pre-paid charges, schedule the move-in date and time, and request that the elevator be padded.


Here are some suggestions on how you can increase your chances that your “Application for Residency” will be submitted to the Board of Directors, for their approval.


1.     Print all the information on the “Application for Residency”, in black ink.

2.     Provide all the information on the form, or if not known, complete the form later and FAX the form to the Rental Agent (922-1659).

3.     You will need to show that your combined monthly income will be three times the rent (i.e. 3x$1250=$3750.00), by bank statements, IRS W-2 forms, or pay vouchers.

4.     It would help if you were to provide 1-2 recommendation letters from past Landlords, past Rental Agents, long-time friends, and/or current residents in Atkinson Towers.

5.     Attach a check in the amount of $100.00, made out to Walt Flood Realty, which will be refunded if the Rental Agent does not submit your application, or the Board of Directors does not approve your application. 


Note: If the Board of Directors approve your application and you cancel the Rental Agreement, for any reason, you will forfeit the deposit. If you call/fax or e-mail and cancel the “Application for Residency” anytime before the Board of Directors approves, your deposit will be refunded.

Federal Fair Housing Act and Hawaii State Discrimination Laws
Federal and State discrimination laws prohibit discrimination in the availability of, or in the terms or conditions imposed in, any residential real estate-related transaction because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap (physical or mental), familial or parental status (children in families), national origin, or age. For the protection of our owners, tenants and employees, we never violate these laws.   Walter W. Flood, Realtor (Principal Broker).