hulafriend: ur welcome read your profiles..... You seem as a nice guy but I do not know what you can help :) I am on some your criteria ....... and I am nice guy too :) what are you looking for on this site?

Here is some history: I have been in a long-term relationship, for over 30 years, with the same guy.  In 1990 we both decided to go totally celebrate (no sex with anyone, not even safe/protected, nothing), because of the devastating effects of HIV (AIDS) in the local community and nationwide.  We had/have an open relationship and couldn’t take the chance that one or the other could/might affect the other and lose the partner.

In 1993 we decided that we wanted to migrate to Australia and knew that if we tested positive for HIV, they would have not accepted our application for permanent residency.  Three years later, while saving money to travel/migrate to Australia, I had a serious stroke (brain attack) and my doctor gave me 6-months to live. Six months later we packed up and traveled to the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise), in Queensland.  Over the next five years, I recovered my speech, lost the paralysis, learned to drive again, and launched Tom’s art career in Australia.

In 2002 we returned to USA, Hawaii/Honolulu/Waikiki, because the Australian immigration required an asset base of $1.5M to apply for permanent residency, times two = $3M. We could not meet the requirements.

 Remember, all this time we were totally celebrate, but in 2007 a guy approached me on the street and said something like: “Do you remember me, I worked at the 24hr Fitness Club and had wanted to talk to you, for a long time – I like older gentleman”. Wow, what a shock, a stud wanted to mess around with moi!  I put him off, concerned that he was an opportunist, or something. Told him to send me an email and tell me what he wanted, etc.  The next day, this 24 year old BiStud, sent an emale and said that he didn’t “want” anything, just wanted to spend the night in sensual bliss. After 17 years, it was like being “born again”. This went on for over six months.

Six months later, after visiting the Life Foundation clinic – I tested HIV negative. Then I discovered CL and hooked up with a 19 year old, 6’2” blond surfer, from the Big Island, and we did almost everything – safe.

Now I’m seeing a couple of students, a massage therapist, military (USMC), and some guys on A4A in the 18-24 year old range. Life is good.

Why am I telling you this “history”? You sound like a really nice guy/man and I’m sure there are lots of guys who would like to rock your boat, but I have a 50+ year old partner/companion, so most of my focus is geared to finding someone who wants an relationship with an older mentor, sponsor, or big brother/daddy type. And if sex is in the cards, that would be wonderful, and if not, no worries.

Thanks for writing, and my best to you.