Welcome to LA CASA Condo #2002 – Long Term Lease - Contact Information


In order to make your stay as trouble free as possible we have put together this list of contacts, phone numbers and helpful hints.


RENTAL AGENT: Walt Flood Associates. Office phone #922-1659.  Mobile: 783-7684


RESIDENT MANAGER: Apt. #905.  Phone #926-1406; Mobile: 388-3701. Call the Manager if you have a problem with the Building.  Call the Agent if you have a problem with the Apartment.


SECURITY GUARD:  Duty hours: 9:30pm – 5:00am ONLY!  Phone 291-4967 (mobile).  Give your apartment number, or phone number.  Call 911, if unable to reach the security guard. Give your apartment number. The address of the building is: 2092 Kuhio Ave. (cross street: Kalaimoku).


PARKING:  Your parking stall is #36 (2nd level).  Use your “Genie” to open the gate, either way (in/out).  The stall is right next to the up/down ramp. Be careful to park only in your stall.


TELEPHONE:  You will have to call Verizon Hawaii and transfer the phone service (922-8692) into your name for billing.  Verizon Hawaii phone number is: 643-3456


TELEVISION:  Your TV sets are “cable ready”. Change the channels with the remote control.  Channel #12 is the “menu” for all the programs/channels.  Your monthly rent covers the “basic” cable service.  You will have to call Oceanic Cable to order additional channels, movies, pay for view, etc.  Their number is: 625-8100 (6:30am – 11:00pm)


HAWAII ELECTRIC:  You will have to call Hawaii Electric Company to establish new service.  Their phone number is: 548-7311 (6:30am – 6:00pm).


WASHER/DRYER:  Some hits: Don’t overload the washer/dryer with too many heavy towels or items, puts too much strain on the appliance.  Remember to clean out the dryer lint trap/screen EVERY TIME you do a load.


ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS:  If you leave the louver windows in the living room and the sliding glass door open, the ventilation will keep the apartment cool and you won’t need to use the A/C units.  If you do use either or both of the A/C units – REMEMBER to close the windows and all the doors.


Note:  The “on/off” for the air conditioner in the bedroom is the wall switch, at the entrance.  The “switch” for the living room A/C unit is in the breaker panel – in the hallway, or you can use the “on/off” on the A/C unit itself.  Moreover, if you don’t use the A/C, you will save from $40.00 to $60.00 per month on your electric bill.


GARBAGE DISPOSAL:  It costs $65-$75 for a service call, so don’t abuse the disposal by putting in any fibrous materials such as banana peels, or artichoke leaves.  Continue to run water for a few seconds after you have turned the disposal OFF, to flush out the drain lines.


BATHROOM:  Don’t put anything but toilet paper/tissue in the toilet.  Paper hand towels, dental floss and sanitary napkins will only plug up the lines – and you’ll have to pay for Clean n’ Rooter!  When coming in from the beach, be careful not to let sand go down the bathtub drain.  It will pack solid and create a clog.  Another service call, at upwards of $75.00.


VALUABLES:  There is NO safe in your apartment, and the building does NOT have safe deposit boxes for your valuables. The Condo AOAO and/or the Owner/Agent of this apartment, accepts NO liability for any loss of valuables, and/or damage to or theft from your rental car.

Be very careful never to leave anything valuable in your car (golf clubs, luggage, cameras, etc.).


SMOKING:  The Owner of this condominium would prefer that tenants and their guests refrain from smoking inside the unit.  If you or your guests do smoke and there are any burns to the carpet, the furniture, the counter tops, etc., and/or smoke damage, you will be responsible for the cost of replacement/repairs and/or additional cleaning.  Extra cleaning for the carpets, bedspreads, furniture/upholstery and drapes could run as high as $250.00-$350.00.


Note:  There is a FIRE EXTINGUISHER is the apartment, right in the front hallway, at the entrance to the bedroom.  There are two (2) SMOKE DETECTORS in the apartment.  Plus, there is a building fire water hose, in the walkway, outside the apartment, and the building FIRE ALARM is across from the elevators.


GENERAL:  Barbecuing, or open fire cooking on the lanai is PROHIBITED.


Please remember that LA CASA is NOT a hotel.  It is a residential apartment condominium.  Most of the folks who live here go to work everyday.  Some sleep during the day and work nights.  Some military residents go to bed at 9:00pm and leave for the base/work at 5:00am.


Loud music (TV, stereo, etc.) or loud noises will NOT be tolerated.  If you are disturbed by other residents/guests, please call the Security Guard or the Resident Manager.


Please call if your have any questions, or need additional information.


Enjoy your stay – Aloha.

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